OSTROGOTH‘s 2015 album ‘LAST TRIBE STANDNG’ has been released in physical formats as a JEWEL CASE CD with 16-page full color booklet and as 5 different colored VINYLS. The first vinyl print was released in three different versions, all of them who came with an extra double sided poster. There are 114 copies of the limited brown/white with blue splatters die hard edition, 186 copies of the royal blue version and 200 copies in black vinyl. The second print was released both in white and clear vinyl.

SUPPORT THE BAND and buy the new album directly from our OFFICIAL WEBSTORE at Easy to order, and easy payment through PayPal. And we’ll throw in a FREE band logo vinyl sticker and a FREE ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ guitar pick.

Or… Get your copy during the LIVE SHOWS. Of course the band will also be selling CD and vinyl at the merch booth at upcoming live shows. You save on expensive shipping costs and the band will be glad to sign your stuff after the show, if you want to.

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Of course we were very curious to hear what the press thought of ‘Last Tribe Standing’ and the resurrection of Ostrogoth. So we are very pleased that the reviews are all particularly favorable. Below are several album reviews in Dutch, English, German, French and Portugese, and if you scroll down you’ll find some press articles and the interviews for the ‘Last Tribe Standing’ campaign… Enjoy the read.

True Metal Lives – “Legendary 80s band that still has a lot to offer in 2015” (8,5/10)
Heavy Metal Time Machine – “The modern day version of Ostrogoth keeps on rocking and rolling!”
Battle Helm
Metal Temple – (10/10 Masterpiece)
Extreme Underground Music Zine – (8/10)
Metal Invader – (5/6)
Belgian Metal Underground – “Overwhelmingly good”—last-tribe-standing.html
True Metal Fan – (8,5/10)
Grande Rock
Metal Kaoz – (8/10)
Overall Loudness – “A comeback with a vengeance”.
Metal To Infinity – “Vertiginous good!” (92/100)
Lords Of Metal – “The best comeback from Belgium soil ever!” (87/100)
Rock Report – “A great metal band. Just ask James Hetfield”
Thoughts Of Metal
Concrete Web (95/100)

ONLINE WEBZINES (German/Deutsch)
Mega-Metal (8,5/10)

ONLINE WEBZINES (Portuguese/Português)
Metallic Attack

ONLINE WEBZINES (French/Français)
Music In Belgium – “Une véritable gâterie”
Metal Paradise – (8/10)

ONLINE WEBZINES (Dutch/Nederlands)
Speakers Magazine – (81/100)
LiveReviewer Magazine – “Gerechtvaardigde comeback” (4,5/5)
Wings Of Death – “Een hongerige en sterk ingespeelde band” (89/100)
RockPortaal – “Ostrogoth is back”
Keys And Chords – (4/5)
MotherLoveMusic – “Het laatste wapenfeit van Whiteshark was er één dat kon tellen”
Lords of Metal – “de beste Belgische comeback plaat ooit” (87/100)
Ashladan – “Ostrogoth is niet stuk te krijgen” (80/100)
House Of Frankenstein –

Rock Tribune, Belgium
, June 2015           Music Maker, Holland, March 2015      Rock Tribune, Belgium, February 2015


RMM Maart 2015    Rock Tribune Magazine, Belgium, February 2015

P-Magazine, Belgium, January 23rd 2015

P-Magazine Belgium 2015-01-23

April 2015 – Interview with guitarist Dario Frodo for ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine (English)
March 2015 – Full band interview for Shutterwall Mag (Go to page 40) (English)
March 2015 – Full band interview for Dump Magazine (Dutch)
March 2015 – Interview with guitarist Dario Frodo for Grande Rock (English):
March 2015 – Interview with drummer Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels for Music In Belgium (French):
March 2015 – Interview with drummer Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels For SnoozeControl (Dutch):
March 2015 – Interview with drummer Mario ‘Grizzly’ Pauwels for Music In Belgium (English):
February 2015 – Interview with guitarist Dario Frodo for Peek-A-boo Magazine (English):



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