It’s been a while since we posted something from our own video archives… and this one has a story behind it.
Here’s a 1-cam video shoot from the song ‘Queen of Desire’, recorded 5 months ago at the Heavy Sound Festival. Ostrogoth were supposed to play Heavy Sound, back in 2014. But we had to cancel the show, due to WhiteShark undergoing surgery. In 2015 Ostrogoth was back with a vengeance… but unfortunately without Sharky. When WhiteShark passed away earlier this year, the band decided for future concerts not to play the guitar intro to ‘Queen of Desire’ live, but to use the original guitar intro from the song, so that WhiteShark would still be part of the shows. After all, this was his signature song.
Enjoy ‘Queen of Desire’, recorded live at the Heavy Sound Festival, Summer 2015.