One year ago, today, WhiteShark lost his battle to cancer. A good moment to remember, not only Whiteshark, but also Pierke and Sphinx, Ostrogoth’s two other six stringers who are no longer amongst us.
Jean-Pierre ‘Pierke” Dekeghel was Ostrogoth’s very first guitarist from 1980 to 1981. Pre-Full Moon’s Eyes.
Hans ‘Sphinx’ Vandekerckhove replaced Pierke in 1981 and was in the band for the classic recordings ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’, ‘Ecstacy and Danger’ and ‘Too Hot’.
Rudy ‘WhiteShark’ Vercruyssse joined in 1982 and was the only guitarist present for all the band’s recordings, from 1983’s ‘Full Moon’s Eyes’ until the last recordings for ‘Last Tribe Standing’, late 2014.
Gone, but not forgotten. \m/